El arte y las casas de subastas 

El arte y las casas de subastas  Actualmente el mercado del arte mueve entre 60 y 70 mil millones de dólares  anualmente y las subastas representan el 20% de ese mercado. Comprender el rol de  las subastas en el mercado del arte es entenderlo como uno de los cuatro pilares del  mercado actual: ferias de arte, galerías, mecenas y subastas. Formalmente una subasta  es una venta organizada, generalmente pública, en la que un comprador que paga la  cantidad mayor obtiene a cambio una obra. Es el mecanismo a través del cual el precio  se convierte en el valor de mercado…

Art Gallery, Guanajuato & Engraving

We present three words that begin with the letter G of tremendous importance. They fit together spatially: Guanajuato, the home state of Arde Gallery from where we write for this occasion what an art gallery is and explain artistic techniques such as engraving among many other things.

Photography, La Aurora Factory, Francisco Esnayra

F Is for Photography, Francisco Esnayra and Fabrica La Aurora, three relevant concepts for us. The first is about the technique that allows us to retain moments or build ideas that we can only generate in dreams; the second refers to the sculptor who ventures to explore the world of the human psyche, challenging and hypnotizing the viewer. Finally, the primary Cultural Center of San Miguel de Allende that everyone has to visit at some point. 

Endy Hupperich, Sculpture & El Palomar

It is the turn of the letter E to refer to an artist of playful and colorful character of German origin, who has been producing in Mexico for decades and is now part of the selection of artists in Arde Gallery; and because it is never enough, a boutique hotel, spa and restaurant with the most scenic view of San Miguel de Allende; to close with one of the ancient artistic practices that has evolved along with humanity, sculpture.

Design, Daniel Orozco Studio & Casa Dragones

The letter D appears with three concepts of great importance for Arde Gallery. We begin with Design, which is fundamental to conceive the gallery; we continue with Daniel Orozco as one of the representatives of Mexican contemporary design. Finally with Dragones, the name of a military corps of great historical relevance in San Miguel de Allende that also gave its name to a Casa Dragones, the internationally recognized brand of tequila that usually brightens up our cocktails at Arde Gallery.

Bradley Narduzzi, Bellas Artes & Bekeb

Three new words give continuity to the ABCdario ARDE! B as Blossom suggests naming a  great Arde Gallery artis; to a precinct in San Miguel de Allende, where inspiration takes shape in any of the fine arts and to one of the bars that you should remember for your next visit to San Miguel de Allende.