F Is for Photography, Francisco Esnayra and Fabrica La Aurora, three relevant concepts for us. The first is about the technique that allows us to retain moments or build ideas that we can only generate in dreams; the second refers to the sculptor who ventures to explore the world of the human psyche, challenging and hypnotizing the viewer. Finally, the primary Cultural Center of San Miguel de Allende that everyone has to visit at some point. 

PHOTOGRAPHY | The technique that freezes time

The camera obscura, photosensitive substances and light were precursors to what today permeates the world. We capture everyday moments either for nostalgia, to share, archive or record a moment, an object or an idea. However, photography as an art requires a certain specialization that only a few can achieve. Find in Arde Gallery creators who have managed to consolidate a narrative in the vast world of photography.

-LA AURORA FACTORY | From textile factory to cultural space 

An emblematic place for locals and visitors is certainly the Fábrica La Aurora. It is a cultural enclosure of art and design that has art galleries, stores, artists’ studios, workshops and restaurants. It used to be a textile factory that many families in San Miguel de Allende depended on for years and today represents a link to the community.

FRANCISCO ESNAYRA | The most prominent figurative sculptor of the moment 

Through his work as sculptor, Francisco Esnayra has ventured into the mysterious world of the psyche. He takes the risk of playing with altered states of consciousness in order to explore the human condition. The results are reflected in sculptures that in their different facets are capable of involving those who dare to look at them closely. From small to large formats with colored resin or bronze, this artist does not stop exploring different ways to achieve his proposal. Find his work at Arde Gallery.