It is the turn of the letter E to refer to an artist of playful and colorful character of German origin, who has been producing in Mexico for decades and is now part of the selection of artists in Arde Gallery; and because it is never enough, a boutique hotel, spa and restaurant with the most scenic view of San Miguel de Allende; to close with one of the ancient artistic practices that has evolved along with humanity, sculpture.

ENDY HUPPERICH | The German artist who’s here to stay

His work does not lack explanation, but it does not need it either. His sense of humor and playfulness between figurative and abstraction catches the viewer. The cuts, the unions of canvases and the color palette that the artist uses as well as the textures he achieves between brushstrokes and seams, make each of his works worthy of contemplation. Don’t miss Endy Hupperich’s artworks at Arde Gallery.

SCULPTURE | The three-dimensional art par excellence 

In the world of perceptions, sculpture plays with space and emptiness, with the idea of reality and its dimensions. For centuries we have molded stone, glass, bronze, wood, plastiline, resin, clay or plastic to transmit or change ideas, conceptions or concepts. Arde Gallery has an unmissable collection of figurative, geometric, resin, marble and wood sculptures by some of the most prominent sculptors of the moment.

EL PALOMAR | The hotel with the most scenic view of San Miguel de Allende

Located at the beginning of San Francisco street, this colonial house was renovated to become a ten room boutique hotel with a restaurant on the terrace with the most scenic view of San Miguel de Allende called Antonia. On your next visit don’t hesitate to stop by and enjoy the spa.