We present three words that begin with the letter G of tremendous importance. They fit together spatially: Guanajuato, the home state of Arde Gallery from where we write for this occasion what an art gallery is and explain artistic techniques such as engraving among many other things.

ART GALLERY | The exclusive space to exhibit, promote  and sell art

A gallery is a space to exhibit and sell art. Gallery owners represent a curated selection of artists for their diffusion and promotion with individual or collective exhibitions and participation in international art fairs such as Zona Maco or with their support for exhibitions in private or public institutions such as cultural centers or museums.

ENGRAVING | Technique that makes you not to fight for the same artwork with someone else 

Engraving is a practice of incising a design onto a rigid flat surface by cutting grooves into it where the ink is housed which will later be transferred by pressure to another surface such as paper. This is what allows several reproductions of the same image. The possibility of replication meant a breakthrough in the artistic endeavor. This does not mean that it is something new, since it is a practice that has been used for more than 3000 years. Look for the collection of engravings in Arde Gallery.

GUANAJUATO | The state of the colonial alleys, the mummies, the cultural events and the cajeta and of course where San Miguel de Allende and Arde Gallery are

It is known for being the place where the Mexican Independence war started. Its capital has the same name, where the Alhóndiga de Granaditas is, the old granary which is worth visiting along the University of Guanajuato.. This former mining town is also famous for its steep cobblestone streets lined with colonial architecture. It is home to great artists and cultural festivals such as the Cervantino Festival and the Guanajuato International Film Festival among others.