Iker Ortiz, Mexico’s most original jeweler; the installation, one of the most dazzling resources of contemporary art and Ignancio Allende, the character who inherited his name to San Miguel de Allende are the representatives of the letter I of the Arde’s ABC. 

IKER ORTIZ | The minimalist jewelry par excellence

Faithful defender of the term “less is more” Iker Ortiz creates pieces of jewelry using all kinds of materials such as platinum, corian, gold, steel, silver and titanium with the mastery that only the experience of years of work can give. Innovation, impeccable technique and the constant search for geometric shapes through experimentation with materials are the central axis that sustains his brand. Thanks to this Iker has presented his work in cities such as London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Mexico City, New York and now San Miguel de Allende in Arde Gallery.  Hare, we will guide you through his pieces that seem to come out of a spaceship so you will leave happy with one or several of them. 

INSTALLATION | One of the most spectacular resources of contemporary art

An installation takes place in a specific context and space. It is considered ephemeral art because of the temporality of its presentation.  In most cases it allows an active interaction with the public. An artist proposes a concept within a desired context, the installations can be presented in any space and can be made with different materials, physical, visual or sound media, sometimes even involving other artistic disciplines such as photography, video art or performance.  It’s a manifestation of contemporary conceptual art. 

IGNACIO ALLENDE | The insurgent who gave his name to San Miguel de Allende

Ignacio Allende was born into a privileged Spanish family in what was then called San Miguel el Alto (now San Miguel de Allende). He had a military background, becoming part of the regiment of Dragons at the end of the 18th century. He later joined insurgent groups led by the Corregidores of Querétaro, who, dissatisfied with the political situation that existed during the Viceroyalty, became the conspirators of the independence of Mexico. He inherited his family name from his hometown because of the importance of his role in that movement.