H for hamburgers because there is no city in the world that does not have a spot known for having the best in hamburgers. H for Héctor Falcón because he is one of the great multidisciplinary Mexican artists represented by Arde Gallery and H for one more of the many beautiful and unique hotels in San Miguel de Allende.

HÉCTOR FALCÓN | The interventionist artist 

Héctor Falcón is a multidisciplinary artist. His artistic production covers different materials and supports such as acrylic paintings on canvas or wood; felt sculptures, stones or books and somehow, all of them are intervened. He has also made different conceptual works in which his own body has been the support, the material and the result of his discourse. One of them belongs to the MUAC (Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo (UNAM) (search MUAC in our alphabet).  For this reason and more, it is an honor to represent this great artist in Arde Gallery.

HAMBURGERS FROM EL  JARDÍN | Famous between the  “drunkards” of San Miguel de Allende

The burgers that are the most popular in town! Not for being the best, but for being the ones you just go to after partying. You will find them almost every night in their iconic cart, surrounded by happy hungry people just in front of the Parroquia.

HOTEL LA VALISE SAN MIGUEL | A hotel with surreal stairs. Yes please!

In the downtown of San Miguel de Allende and three blocks away from Arde Gallery there is a boutique hotel that looks like a small oasis. Inside this property you will find, in addition to an extensive and well-curated selection of design pieces such as furniture, textiles and art objects, a double staircase designed by Pedro Friedeberg, which will inevitably make you take out your camera.