The letter D appears with three concepts of great importance for Arde Gallery. We begin with Design, which is fundamental to conceive the gallery; we continue with Daniel Orozco as one of the representatives of Mexican contemporary design. Finally with Dragones, the name of a military corps of great historical relevance in San Miguel de Allende that also gave its name to a Casa Dragones, the internationally recognized brand of tequila that usually brightens up our cocktails at Arde Gallery.

DESIGN | The discipline responsible for the creation of what is tangible

Whether it is industrial design, graphic design, interior design or fashion design, design is the discipline that has delineated each of the objects that cohabit with the human being. It is the discipline of design that has been in charge of giving functionality and beauty to an endless number of “things” that are essential for our everyday life.

DANIEL OROZCO STUDIO | The studio that designs, intervenes, manufactures and builds spaces.

Their work is based on the premise of giving back a little of what nature has given us. Social and environmental responsibility are key points in the development of their work. They use concrete, wood, seaweed, ceramics and more to create objects in collaboration with various master craftsmen. Because, as they say, “collaboration is the key to success”.  Find some of their pieces at Arde Gallery!

CASA DRAGONES | The tequila brand that was inspired by San Miguel de Allende (it has even been served at the Oscars)

Casa Dragones takes as inspiration the legendary Dragons of San Miguel de Allende, the cavalry corps that played a crucial role in the Mexican War of Independence. Casa Dragones in Recreo #16 is where the cavalry corps  spent most of their time. Today it is one of the most recognized brands for its innovative and sophisticated proposal in Mexico and in the world. Enjoy one of the multiple experiences with Casa Dragones in San Miguel de Allende.