The letter C refers to the name of a hotel that is also a luxury shopping complex, a restaurant and an architectural beauty of San Miguel de Allende; to one of the most used creative techniques in art and one of the most important words in the art world today. 

CASA ARCA | The hotel that offers hospitality, shopping and good food

Built during in the 1930’s in San Miguel de Allende, its name refers to “Noah’s Ark” which is why in the façade you can see representations of different animals carved in quarry. For years it was known for giving away toys on January 6th to the children of the city. Nowadays it is a hotel, concept store and restaurant; one of the most visited spots in the Centro square. Located in the same premises where Dôce18 is on Relox street. Don’t miss the live music of Brandom Salazar y los Traviesos on Saturday’s evenings 

COLLAGE | Artistic technique that consists of pasting different cut images on canvas or paper (according to Google).

From kindergarten to top-level fairs and museums, collage is part of our history in the art world. By combining visual elements it becomes possible to create a new image that conveys a message or idea. And, as Prince Lauder points out, “in collage anything goes but not everything works.”

CURATORSHIP | The art of selection

To curate is to select.  Some people curate restaurants, others news, places or trips, we curate art. It is a justified selection based on knowledge and criteria determined for a specific purpose. Every art exhibition has an art curator behind it.