Three new words give continuity to the ABCdario ARDE! B as Blossom suggests naming a  great Arde Gallery artis; to a precinct in San Miguel de Allende, where inspiration takes shape in any of the fine arts and to one of the bars that you should remember for your next visit to San Miguel de Allende.

BRADLEY NARDUZZI | The artist of geometry, color, billboards and more

Originally from New York, Bradley Narduzzi began his career as an architect by Columbia University from where later became one of the exponents of the Mexican contemporary art scene. With a bit of geometry, pop art, graffiti and abstraction Bradley Narduzzi’s pieces stand out for the use of color and unconventional formats which gives them a new sense of freedom from the typical art formats. Totems, irregular canvases and billboards are some of the forms he explores and that we have in exhibition at Arde Gallery. 

BELLAS ARTES | The premises in San Miguel de Allende for arts

Its official name is Centro Cultural Ignacio Ramirez “El Nigromante” better known in San Miguel’s community as Bellas Artes. It is where cultural and artistic life happens. It is worth to visit the mural of the known muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros and it is one of the GIff’s (Guanajuato International Film Festival ) venues in San Miguel de Allende among other cultural activities. 

BEKEB | Terrace, pool & nice cocktails . JACKPOT!

Created by Fabiola Padilla, this bar is the rooftop Casa Hoyos Hotel. It’s one of the favorite places to sit and watch the sunset in its comfortable seats with a delicious artisanal cocktail while listening to a good set of electronic music. For all this, this bar is a must!