Omar Torres

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Omar Torres

Mexico city, 1977

Omar Torres

Omar Torres began his artistic career in 1995. He was awarded at the National Meeting of Young Art of Mexico on two occasions, XV (1996) and XVIII (1998). His first solo exhibition was held in 2004 with Printz Gallery in Kyoto, followed by more than eleven solo shows with Ricardo Reyes Contemporary Art and recently with Evolution Ryokan Gallery CDMX 2022.

With more than 50 collective exhibitions ranging from Galería Nina Menocal (2011), Jumex Museum (2017), National Museum of San Carlos (2018), Sinaloa Art Museum (2018), Mexican Foreign Affairs Museum (2017), World Bank Offices (2012) among others, to national and international art fairs such as Maco Foto (2015-2021), Hot Art inn Basel Switzerland (2009), Context Miami (2012), Expo Chicago (2016). GIGE Beijing (2008) and KungStar Bolzano, Italy (2007).

In addition to his personal work as a visual artist, he was the founder of two cultural spaces in Mexico City called Central Art Projects (2011-2013) and Sismo Arte Contemporary (2016-2017). Torres’ work has also been recognized by the United Nations Organization (2004), the World Bank Art Program with “About Change” (2012) and more recently first prize at the Prix de la Photographie Paris 2021, Kemeyama Triennale 2022 Prize in Japan.

Omar Torres builds scenarios with objects, with them he represents situations of resistance and tolerance in life. The elements within the frame depend on each other to coexist in a space. The constant use of transparency within the objects serves to convey the idea of the body as a transparent element with nothing to hide or disguise; pain is heavy, tension tiresome and balance draining. Torres builds and represents the optimal state; this being a delicate balance, beautiful for its impermanence.