Nomade Atelier

Nomade Atelier

Nomade Atelier

NOMADE ATELIER is an exclusive art, design, and production studio, headed by Mexican visual artist Diana Quintero Vallejo and French-Moroccan architect Ismael Bachri.

Founded in 2012, this project is a great laboratory of learning and experimentation of materials and concepts. Nomade Atelier studio is dedicated to the design of ideas that take shape with the manufacture of objects and tailor-made furniture for residential, public and commercial spaces, as well as artistic, scenographic, and museum installations.

Having a platform to manufacture special objects in an artistic way is one of their objectives and greatest passions. Nomade Atelier’s job is to define together the objective of our intervention, in a personal and dynamic way they generate a critical dialogue analyzing the space, which will clarify the goals of the project and its possibilities.

Nomade create exclusive designs and unique pieces as a result, as each project requires a totally different production, personalized in its conception, design, and assembly. The common feature in their expression of DESIGN is the importance they give to the conceptualization and the production process; seeking the simplicity of lines and discretion of the materials without leaving aside the aesthetic importance and quality of the ideas, to achieve a responsible and coherent dialogue with the objects, the art of time and space in which we live.

They use Mexican materials of the best quality and the most practical solutions to complement the manufacture of each object, in the hands of master craftsmen of each material. They give special value to the work and trades that use manual tools and medium machinery, always working with a network of local family workshops, specialized in materials that are falling into disuse due to their synthetic or industrial replacement.