La Metropolitana

La Metropolitana

La Metropolitana

La Metropolitana is an organization focused on the generation of solutions through creativity and design. Founded in 2008 in Mexico City, over the years it has focused its search on the development of creative and productive skills that have allowed it to tackle projects of different scales, from public works such as museums and squares, restaurants and theatrical scenographies as well as accessories, graphics, and furniture being this branch of its practice, one of the organization’s main interests.

With a team of 60 professionals, La Metropolitana has established itself as a source of progress, constructive culture, and economy through the manufacture and design of high quality furniture through processes that link artisanal techniques and highly-qualified labor with cutting-edge technology.

Within his creative exploration, the use and understanding of wood as the main raw material as well as the inherent techniques for its efficient transformation, are the common threads that distinguish his work.



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